Thursday, March 10, 2016

Foster Friends: Roxy

Roxie is a fun loving cross breed who’s always happy to see you. She’ll grow attached to you right away. Unfortunately, it is this trait of hers that led her here.

Roxie is always ready for whatever the day throws at her.

She was surrendered after snapping at some rowdy children. We believe this had to do with her over-protectiveness and herding instinct from her inner border collie. Therefore, we do not recommend Roxy to a family with children or other small animals. However, we have seen her get along splendidly with other dogs her size--as long as they can keep up with her energy!

Roxy is perhaps the perfect balance between spunky and sweet, and we imagine she'd love a home with another friend her size to play with. If you yourself lead an active lifestyle, Roxy would make an ideal jogging/hiking/biking partner.
Spunky one minute, sweet as can be the next.
Roxy dreams of a home to call her own.
Roxy and Sandman work on their tan

Does Roxy sound like the perfect fit for you or someone you know? Contact us right away to set up a meet 'n' greet to see if it's meant to be!

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