Cat Boarding

When you need to get kitty out of the house, take them to Emerald Street Kennels: 
their home away from home!
A sunny day in our cattery
Our cattery is kept away from the dog kennels and playrooms to ensure maximum relaxation and coziness. Each cat will get their own private condo for sleeping and meal times and, if they meet our vaccine requirements, can have open room time with other friendly cats. A staff member will check up on the cats periodically, changing their litter, replacing their water, and cleaning up the room.
We know how much cats love to perch and look down from the top of the world!
We have a healthy supply of blankets, pillows, cat litter, bowls, and toys, so the only thing we'd like you to bring is a substantial supply of their regular food, and a standard pet carrier to transport them in and out. Prices are as follows:
  • First cat: $17 per night
  • Additional cat: $15 per night
  • 10% can be taken off boarding price if you apply for one of our discounts.
You can drop off or pick up your cat any time during our normal hours of operation. If you're unable to pick them up before we close, you will be charged an additional night of boarding. If you need to extend, shorten, or reschedule a boarding reservation altogether, just let us know.

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