Overnight Dog Boarding

Need to leave town and can't bring your dog with you? Bring them on down to Emerald Street Kennels, where they can enjoy all the benefits of doggy daycare and more!

Our foster dog Duncan making a silly face in his bed
In addition to having access to the playrooms, your dog will get their own private 4x6 condo to eat meals, take breaks, and sleep in. We have an abundance of blankets, pillows, and trampoline beds we can provide at no additional cost. We are also able to provide our house food to your dog, but we recommend you bring food that your dog is used to, to avoid stomach upsets. Plus, if your dog's boarding visit is at least 2 nights long, they'll get a complimentary bath the day before they go home!
Our staff hard at work making sure these dogs go home squeaky clean

Prices depend on the duration of the stay and the number of dogs per kennel
  • First dog for the first 5 nights: $35 per night
  • First dog for the 6th night onward: $30 per night
  • Second dog: $25 per night
  • Additional dog: $20 per night
  • 10% can be taken off the price of boarding if you apply for one of our discounts.
You can drop off or pick up your dog any time during our normal hours of operation. If you're unable to pick them up before we close, you will be charged an additional night of boarding. If you need to extend, shorten, or reschedule a boarding reservation altogether, just let us know.

All dogs entering the facility must meet our vaccine requirements if they wish to interact with other dogs. Please contact us or your vet if you are unsure about the vaccinations.

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