Thursday, March 3, 2016

Foster Friends: Duncan

Duncan is an intelligent, young crossbreed with an unbreakable spirit. He loves to play with Kong rubber cones, tennis balls, and most of all, his metal food bowl.

Duncan gets along well with younger dogs who are more laid back and submissive, as seen in the video below. Duncan can not be around cats, other small animals, and/or small children. He also seems to have an aversion to women with dark hair, and men with large builds.  With these conditions in mind, we recommend someone who leads an athletic lifestyle, has a lot of time to spend with Duncan, and one young, well trained dog. In addition, to continue his rehabilitation with us, we would prefer his new owner to be in the Boise area.

Even though he's particular with what human he'll get along with, he still years for a home of his own. If you or someone you know would be interested in taking him in, please contact us to schedule a meet 'n' greet right away.

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